Washing Shweshwe Guidelines For Optimal Use

These instructions apply only to Bosisi shopper bags, backpacks, lunch totes and zip pouch wristlets.

Please note that all fabrics have been pre-washed before being sewn so there should be no issues with shrinkage or color bleed for future washes. Washing removes the starch and will soften the fabric.

How to Wash Your Bosisi Shoppers, Backpacks and Zip Pouch Wristlets.

  • Remove all items from inside the bags and pockets.
    • BACKPACK ONLY - remove the leather closure strap by un-knotting the ends and sliding the leather strap out of the holes.
  • Wash shopper or backpack in washing machine using the gentle or delicate cycle (warm/cold).
    • Use only delicate or sensitive detergent.
    • Avoid bleach or other harsh chemicals.
    • Fabric softener is optional, the fabric will soften without fabric softener.
    • Cleaning agents should not be poured into the drum or on the material directly. 
  • Remove the bag from the washing machine within a few minutes after the washing machine cycle is complete. 
  • Air dry the bag until it is almost fully dry but still damp.
    • DO NOT put bag in the dryer. Studies show that tumble dryers, dry cleaning, and direct sunlight can seriously damage pure cotton. The dryer can harm the fabric with creasing, and potential color damage. Abrasion, tearing and cracking may also occur over time.
  • To remove creases use an iron on the 'cotton' setting.
    • If the shweshwe fabric is dry or nearly dry re-moisten with the iron's built-in sprayer or sue a spray bottle.
    • Generously use the steam setting on the iron for removing sharper creases and wrinkles. However, avoid spray starch.

All done!