Moving to South Africa

After 20 years working in corporate America our family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa for a 2 year adventure!

It enriched our family's lives in many ways.

Shweshwe Fabric - Gorgeous!

One thing that I became obsessed with was the gorgeous South African fabric called 'Shweshwe.' The colors are so vibrant and fun and there are so many patterns to choose from. I was feeling like a kid in a candy store!

Unimaginable Poverty

I also saw a level of poverty that cannot be ignored. Women are often tasked with providing for not only themselves, but also their children, grandchildren and sometimes other family members. Women don't have as many opportunities to work, which inevitably prolongs the cycle of poverty to the next generation.

Empowering Women

Bosisi Designs was founded to give underserved women in South Africa an opportunity to work. Our goal is to employ women and help them to lift themselves out of poverty. The more product we sell, the more women we can employ. The more women we employ the better their lives and the lives of their families will be. This is not a non-profit company, instead we want women to earn as much money as they can so they feel proud and can stand tall.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you love our products and support the hardworking women of South Africa by purchasing a Bosisi bag!

We Empower Women One Bag at a Time.

In humble gratitude,