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The Bosisi Shweshwe & African Print Backpack is a cute and comfortable fabric backpack and a great way to keep your hands free while you're out and about. Adjustable straps allow for flexibility, especially if you're like me and want to fill it to the top with everything you need for the day!

Easily packable, this African Print Backpack can be rolled or folded and tucked into a suitcase or other bag and pulled out when you need it. The unique pull tie closure allows you to put in bulky items like a beach towel or picnic blanket or even for groceries on your next shopping trip. All adorable backpacks are machine washable so just toss it in with other wash items (it's been pre-washed so won't run).

What can I use my Bosisi Shweshwe & African Print Backpack for?
This versatile bag has so many uses for what you need. It's fully-lined inside so it's a strong and durable bag. It's a great option for young girls for overnight trips, going to the beach or to the lake or when you travel.
Take it with you when you go grocery shopping and use it like a reusable shopping bag. Wear it when you go shopping to your favorite boutiques and save on the store bag. Why not bring it to the gym? Who needs those yucky gym bags that smell and look so sad? Instead throw in your workout clothes or yoga mat or other sports equipment and go to the gym in style.
Carry the African print backpack to work to put your lunch in. OK, I know what you're thinking! During this Covid-19 pandemic you aren't going to work or the gym or to restaurants so much anymore. But hopefully we will get back to those routines and you want to be ready for that when it happens🙂

African Print Backpack Dimensions:  13"x16"x5"

African Print Backpack Features:
  • fully lined inside
  • large opening
  • leather pull closure
  • inside zip pocket for smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, charger, etc.
  • key holder, also good for beach badge, work badge, grocery membership cards

Making an Impact
Every Bosisi African Print Backpack purchased directly helps the seamstress who made it. Earning a decent living will help women to become financially stable and lift themselves out of poverty which will change the cycle for the next generation.

We are Empowering Women One Bag at a Time.

For Backpack Washing Guidelines click here