Empower Women

Empower Women

So, I have two boys. One of them asked me, "Mom, why are you only helping women?" 

Oh shoot. I didn't think about that. Why am I only focused on helping women? "Well," I said to him, "I'm not NOT helping men but women just don't get the same opportunities as men so they need a bit more support." He thought about it and said "oh, ok."

In South Africa, 38% of households are headed by women. That means that there are a LOT of women who must work, take care of kids and maybe other family members, pay for school fees (schools are not free), buy school uniforms, feed, clothe and shelter everyone. Primarily I'm referring to black South Africans who have dealt with the insanely grotesque Apartheid era and still feel and live with terrible living conditions even today. 

Bosisi is not political, nor non-profit. We are founded to give underserved women an opportunity to earn a decent wage and lift themselves out of their circumstances. To hold their head up high and succeed. At least 10% of profits will go directly back to the women who handmake our bags. Money that will be put to use for real necessities. My hope is to share their stories in future blog posts so you can see how your purchases are going to real people to make their lives better.

Share our mission with your friends and family. Look at our bags and purchase one for yourself and others. Like our Facebook page: Bosisi Designs, follow us on Instagram @BosisiDesigns. Talk to us about your thoughts on helping women to get jobs. We're all in this world together so let's help each other.

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