Why is Handmade a Better Value?

Why is Handmade a Better Value?

Ok, it's time to think about buying a gift - birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, and your mind starts reeling for finding the 'best' gift possible. 

The options are endless. A gift can be as easy as buying a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. That gives the recipient the opportunity to choose the item that speaks to them. You feel at ease because you're taking the choice out of the equation. Maybe the decision is about how much money to put on the gift card is the hardest part. 

Sometimes there's a twinge of cringe to present a gift card though because it feels a bit like a cop out. Why? Because it's generic. It doesn't share the nuance of that special knowledge of the person that can strengthen your relationship. To know someone reveals a uniqueness that makes you want to present a present that means something to both of you. 

But as we all know, finding a gift that is meaningful is really (really) hard sometimes! Why is it such a challenge? How can it feel like a mountain to climb? Because it shows the other person that you care and you put thought into choosing something special, even extraordinary.

Price is a factor and, especially in these past few years. We feel the pinch with budgeting income for necessities and then, if there's any funds left, we can decide how much to spend on a gift. 

Another way is to spend less but on a gift that is fun, funny, maybe a private joke. Those are some of the best gifts because it often brings back good memories between you two and tugs at the heart.

In a world with a range of options, it can feel overwhelming to find 'the perfect' gift. Perfection is not necessary, but it's a goal, of course. You don't actually need to find perfection, but keep your mind open to ways to use your buying decision to give a meaningful gift that makes a positive impact in a larger way. 

Handmade products are special. Handmade is different. Why should you consider a handcrafted gift for that someone special? When you give a handmade gift you are choosing to support a different kind of economy, one that is more directed to the artisan and keeps the money in the hands of the maker rather than the corporation.  

Behind a handmade product is a person, with skills, and the confidence to put their hard work and effort out there. When you buy something handcrafted, it tends to be better made because it's not one of thousands of identical items made in a factory. 

We want fast fashion price but handmade quality. You can't have it both ways. The fashion industry has been churning out more and more products for incremental profits but we all know the truth, that such cheaply made items don't last and often times go to the landfill after one season. 

Let's change that paradigm by choosing meaningful, handcrafted, long-lasting products that we will love and cherish for years to come. To wear-in just how we like them. Beautiful workhorse items like leather handbags, reusable shopper totes, machine washable backpacks, etc.

Give gifts that give back, that make a positive impact on people and the planet. If we make a conscious effort to buy with purpose then we are telling the fashion world that we aren't going to play into their marketing every season, year after year.

Brands like Bosisi Designs is a perfect example of a small, woman-owned business that hires underserved women in South Africa who lovingly handcraf handbags, totes and accessories that are stylish, sophisticated, and sassy.

Bosisi's mission is to hire women so they can become financially stable and economically independent. Their goal is to provide women a stable job where they can earn a living and support their families. Let's change generational poverty by supporting ethical, sustainable businesses that are making a difference!

To learn more about Bosisi Designs and it's mission to hire women, visit www.bosisidesigns.com.

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