corporate social responsibility is important to support underserved women in South Africa and to empower black women to succeed and lift themselves out of poverty.

What Does Corporate Social Responsibility Mean for Your Business?


Do Employees and Customers Feel Good About Your Company's CSR?

We all want to feel as though we're doing our part to be better people and better corporate citizens. In prosperous economic times it can fit more easily into the business plan and add clout to your company's image. Customers like to see their favorite brands doing good for communities that are hardest hit. But in these unprecedented times, can your business continue it's corporate social responsibility (CSR)when budgets are tight or cut altogether for this important purpose?


 The pivot to remote work, once taboo as way to slack off, is our new normal and could continue on past the pandemic (whenever that may be). However the isolation from that team effort and feeling of camaraderie is harder to deliver when everyone is spread out and Zoom meetings are the only connection. But many companies have begun to communicate better and more consistently with employees to show they are still committed to their staff and initiatives such as CSR.


Virtual Initiatives

Those initiatives can move to virtual as well, in some cases. Virtual volunteering can allow continued activation but in a way that is safe for employees and those that receive the support. Now more than ever individuals and families are able to think about what is truly important in their lives, their family's life and the greater community as well. This pandemic has shown that we as people, as workers as community members and members of the larger global community must get back to what humanity requires in order to carry on and make the world a better place. 


Fundraising, virtual activities, in-kind expertise and donations whether monetary, product or service related are ways that businesses are giving back during this pandemic. What can your company do with its resources, products or digital services to help grow other small businesses, entrepreneurs, community groups, food insecure households/areas and more. 


Your Company Can Make a Difference With a Great CSR Partner

Lack of education and malnutrition are the top reasons for systemic poverty. Opportunities are out there and all it takes is an idea to create something that can make the difference. Bosisi Designs mission is to give underserved black women in South Africa an opportunity to work. A job will change the trajectory of their  experience and can lift them out of poverty.


In South Africa approximately 38% of households are headed by women, however black women have the lowest opportunity to find paying work that can sustain their families. Without work opportunities women are unable to send children to school or feed them with adequate nutrition for proper growth. Black women must choose between taking care of their children or going outside of the home to find paying work. The latter poses an additional challenge of who will watch and care for young children while she is working? A patriarchal society can add shame to black women who want to help their families but not be criticized for doing so. 


In order to support black South African women and make a lasting difference in the global poor community, Bosisi Designs wants to partner with your business to collectively create a CSR program that will share your values and promote goodwill within your organization while impacting a vulnerable group that is not looking for a hand-out, but a way to allow them to thrive and hold their heads up high.


Let's Talk About Empowering Your CSR Activation

For further discussion about how Bosisi can help your business to achieve their CSR initiatives, please contact Deana Cheney at or call 802-922-6377.

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