Top 5 Best Work Bags for Women

Top 5 Best Work Bags for Women

Genuine Leather Handbag for Work

How to Choose the Right Bag for Commuting to Work

What is your go-to handbag to take to work these days? We're heading back to work more now and we're re-evaluating everything we do, how we shop and which brands we support.

Women are very mindful of choosing the right bag for the right occasion and a work bag is no different. The size, dimensions, style, utility, and of course style are all accounted for when finding the right kind of work bag.

What is becoming more prevalent is choosing a handbag brand that is socially conscious, makes a positive impact in society and has a mission to make a difference.


Size Matters

Let's face it, there are so many brands to choose from that it can be overwhelming. If you start out by determining what size bag you need, it can help you narrow down your options.

Selecting the right size is important; large tote, small clutch, wristlet and can depend on the commute itself. So how do you determine what size bag you need for commuting to work?

Pros and Cons of Extra Large Tote Bags

Are you the person that wants to be prepared for anything and everything that you may encounter during a typical day? In that case, you are probably looking for a huge bag so you can bring anything you might need.

It is generally best to shop for a bag with several zipper pockets, side pockets and compartments to help you stay organized. Large bags are great for packing several things, but they can also create back pain as you lug around your life with you.

Best Handbags for Work

Pros and Cons of Crossbody Bags & Small Purses

A small crossbody bag is great for work because they're easy to carry, lightweight and won't fall off your shoulder. All you need is your wallet, phone, keys and lipstick, right? What else do you need?

I love the idea that I can be that nimble when I head to the office! But unfortunately, if I have a tiny purse, I'll probably also need another bag to carry my work stuff like a laptop, folders, pens, glasses, chargers, gym clothes and other doodads. Tiny bags are great but not always as practical in real life!

There's got to be something in between the extra-large handbag and the mini purse that is practical and also beautiful because we want to look pretty, feel happy and be positive. A handbag is an extension of our attitude when we leave the house. If we look good it helps us feel good about ourselves and we can all use some positivity in our lives.

Beautiful and Socially Impactful

So, what's the answer? You could look on Amazon or your favorite department store and spend hours searching through every different style for the 'best bag to commute to work' but the search results will be a mile long.

There are other factors that should be considered too. What does the brand you're purchasing from stand for; what does the brand care about? Search engines are fantastic but not mindful, ethical or sustainable, unfortunately.

Savvy shoppers are smart and they want to support brands that have core values to make a difference. It's great to learn how and what a brand gives back to, such as childhood illnesses, food pantries, animal shelters among other worthy causes.

Why buy 'just' a bag from a brand with nothing behind it? Is it made in a factory that underpays its employees? Or is it a brand that creates fast fashion, is not authentic, just hopping on the latest momentary trend?

It's difficult to know what's behind that cute bag online when all you see is a picture and a price. It means that you may be supporting a brand that you ultimately don't believe in without even knowing it.

Luckily there are more and more brands and products out there that have a core belief to do good, fight injustice, and do the right thing for families and communities. When you buy from ethical brands that talk about their mission to give back, it's a win-win because you are purchasing products that ultimately help others.

Top 5 Stylish, Hardworking Work Bags for Women


Social Impact: Social Responsibility across sourcing, vendor relationships, animal welfare, conflict minerals.

Best Work Bag: Knotted Tote; leather, patched interior/exterior pockets, magnetic closure, unlined.

Cost: $$


Social Impact: Hires underserved women in South Africa so they can become financially independent and change the cycle of poverty, giving back a percentage of profits to seamstresses.

Best Work Bag: Everyday Rugged Leather Handbag; smooth, rugged leather, shweshwe fabric accent, front pocket, inside zip pocket with clip for keys or work badge and fits a 15" laptop without issue.

Cost: $$

Genuine Rugged Leather Handbag for Work


Social Impact: Supports women entrepreneurs, and provides access to capital, education and digital resources.

Best Work Bag: Perry Triple Compartment Leather Tote; leather, open-top, metal feet, interior zip divider.

Cost: $$$


Social Impact: Ultimate goal of zero waste, leather alternative using scraps leftover from previous productions

Best Work Bag: St Barths Large Tote; basket-weave neoprene, matching zip pouch included, unlined.

Cost: $$$


Social Impact: Women and girls empowerment and mental health support.

Best Work Bag: Knott Large Tote; pebbled leather, open-top, interior snap-tab slip pocket, fits a laptop.

Cost: $$$

You make a difference when you shop!

Look great going to work and feel confident knowing that your purchase is making a positive impact.
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