The Spirit of Sisterhood

The Spirit of Sisterhood

How do you sum up your values and mission in a logo? Great design is both strategic and symbolic. As a consumer we may just think a logo is pretty. Sometimes we use it to locate a product on a retail shelf. Logos are put on clothing, handbags, vehicles and even food. They have meaning, prestige, authenticity and value. 


Sometimes a logo's appearance resembles the product itself: a dog image for a veterinary practice, for example. Other logos symbolize the essence of the brand: in Greek mythology Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory, perfect to represent a sneaker that makes you feel faster. Other logos include hidden designs, a subtle nod to what the brand represents. Have you seen the arrow embedded in the 'Ex' of FedEx? The hidden arrow represents speed and precision. I could go on and on. This kind of stuff fascinates me. Even if no one pays attention, these symbols and designs are clever and deliberate. Check out a bunch of famous brands, logos and what they mean here. Don't let them fool you, logos are not easy to create!


As an entrepreneur, designer and passionate supporter of underserved populations, especially women, I really wanted to make sure that we created a logo that symbolized Bosisi Designs' passion and mission.


The word 'bosisi' is a Zulu word that translates to “sisters”. In South Africa a woman is often referred to as 'sisi' (sister) and when there are two or more women they are BOsisi (sisters). Our logo is a bold image that represents the strength of women and the resilience and steadiness they display in many challenging situations. Additionally, I want to show the importance of passing knowledge to the next generation of women.

Cleverly devised, timeless, the 'O' of the Bosisi motif includes four adult women and four younger females celebrating with arms outstretched, which also portrays chevron patterns, a dominant theme in African art and print. The women are creating space between themselves for the younger generation to look and learn, thereby carrying on the legacy in future generations. Because every space is filled with activity this is the beauty that sisterhood brings, and once achieved, women are capable of scaling the highest of heights in all their endeavors.


 Sisterhood describes the connections and relationships that women form with each other and something we find only with other women. Although I don't have a sister by blood, I have lots of sisters that I love and cherish, support, lift up and would anything for. 


 I like what Emerge Woman Magazine says. They define sisterhood as "loving and accepting someone where they are, but consistently inspiring them to their highest potential." @emergewomanmagazine. Social media often mentions squabbles between female celebrities and fans the flames of a false narrative that women don't want to see other women succeed. But I feel that if you give women support they will return it in many ways. Those loyal bonds are strong and I want to promote the positive side of things.


This year's International Women's Day @IWD2021 theme is #ChooseToChallenge, to call out bias and inequality and help forge an inclusive world. It is a choice to speak up within your environment and do what's right for the good of the local community and the greater society. Together we can make a difference and turn the tide toward true equality. Bosisi as a brand is shining a light on gender inequality in employment in South Africa, but lack of employment opportunities and pay inequity also exists in the United States and other nations around the world.


So let's bring this conversation home. The Bosisi logo inspires generational female support and mentorship. The brand encourages collaborative thinking and the strength that women bring to everything they do. When you see our logo we want you think positively about women, our resolve, our perseverance, our support for each other and those around us and about giving the next generation of women a helping hand so they can reach their goals.


In Humble Gratitude,


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