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We can all be inspired by things we see and do, where we go, what we read, movies, videos and even social media. But inspiration can be fleeting because as life flows quickly, by we must snap back to reality and our daily lives, which aren't always inspirational. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Inspiration can be something that you want to aspire to be, do, or experience. Like when you're a little girl who takes ballet lessons because it's fun, but then you see The Nutcracker and you see what the highest level of ballet is and you want that. Usually, you really enjoy, maybe even love, doing whatever that is. Maybe you excel at it. Or maybe it's a hobby. Who knows.

The difference is what you do with that inspiration. Because the difference between seeing and actually doing is quite far apart. That's when the work comes in, when inspiration becomes aspiration, which leads to motivation and activation. If you do the work, you will eventually get to the point where you achieve your aspirations. Doing the work is what most people don't like. There can be a million reasons why you can't do the work, or don't want to do the work. And those can be very valid reasons. No judging.

You'll Know it When it Nags You

When I know that inspiration is more than just a burst of energy and excitement is when it nags at me regularly. It becomes an ever-present vision in the back of my mind that rears up to consciousness every few days or weeks. It reminds me that something is out there for me that I know I want to do and need to find out how to get to it. Inspiration becomes a goal that I set for myself to achieve.

My mind starts to envision it with more and more details. The idea grows and matures in my head, over time. My thoughts become consumed with it and I see it daily and repetitively until I say to myself, 'what do I need to do to get this thing started?'

Just Start

Starting something is hard, even if it's inspirational. When do you start, how do you start, do you need tools or resources to start, can you start it alone, or do you need help... This is what I call the first stumble. But if after the first stumble the nagging continues then it's still viable. My mind then takes a turn, a pivot, to focus on the first step or steps that will become the bud. Thoughts become the fertilizer, the sun, the water to nurture that bud into a flower.

To nurture your aspiration into action takes time, patience and a lot of thinking, rethinking, adjusting, and pivoting. If you want to achieve your goal then your next step is motivation. Motivation is a weekly or even daily action that will be one step towards activation. Over time the inspiration and motivation lead you towards a goal of achieving and becoming whatever it is that you aspire to be (or do).

Speak It

One thing that motivates me when I am being 'nagged' by inspiration is to speak it out loud, either to yourself, your pet, your friend, family, or anyone who will hear your words and learn that you are on a path to achieving something important to you. Saying something out loud forces you to explain it to yourself and others in full sentences to another being who is trying to understand something you are reaching towards. The funny part about speaking your 'nagging' inspirational thoughts is that it will come back to you from that other person (probably not your pet) in such a way that it re-inspires you. That person, unbeknownst to him or her, creatively holds you accountable for that thought or idea. When you hear someone ask you about it it becomes more real, more tangible and further motivates you to take another step.

Barn Door

I once said to my husband that I was going to create a cool 'barn door' with a chevron pattern. He thought I was nuts. But what he didn't know is that I am always (ALWAYS) thinking about creating things - in my head. I see things and I say to myself, 'I can make that.' But I never do. I never do because as quickly as I get inspired, I get distracted by the next shiny object that comes my way. Or daily life closes that window or opportunity because time doesn't permit it.

The next day (ok maybe it was a few days, maybe weeks) I went into the garage, it was early August and hot as anything, and I took out wood boards that I had collected from various places and started to cut and place the pieces together. It took about a month or so and the door was complete. IT's GORGEOUS! If I do say so myself! My hubby was astonished. It's not that he didn't think I 'could' do it because he is very supportive. But he didn't think I would actually complete it. But I did.

Every day that I could, I would go into the garage and work on the barn door. I would add, move, and change the board cuts. I would sand and glue and add to the door. After several hours, covered in sawdust and sweat I would put down my tools, go inside to shower and return to other daily activities. But before I would go upstairs to bed, I would open the door and turn on the light in the garage and stare at my door, in whatever shape it was in from that day. I would think about what I would do next and stare some more.

I've always loved creating things. It doesn't really matter the material, I enjoy the creating piece of it and seeing the process and development of nurturing it to life. I feel excited, proud, accomplished and satisfied with the effort. It's fun to make things instead of buying them, if possible because there's not only satisfaction that I could create something, but I also get a thrill out of not overpaying.

The funny thing is that I was surprised that my husband was surprised that I wanted to make a barn door! But when I thought about it, I never really talked about it before so how would he have known that I had been thinking about making a barn door for a year? Once I started talking about it to him then it became real. I would show him the daily progress and he was impressed that I continued to work on it.

Step By Step

Determination is another cog in the wheel of achieving your inspiration. The excitement that you feel when you do one more thing brings you closer to your achievement. One more board, one more coat of poly, until your barn door is done and you did it.

What has been 'nagging' at you that you want to achieve? That pops into your mind regularly that you think about. Say it out loud. Mention it in conversation with others. Make it real. Add to it, nurture it and watch it develop. One day, it will be done and you will feel excited, proud accomplished and satisfied. Then you become the inspiration for others.

The barn door is one of the first things you'll see when you walk through my front door. I love when people ask me about where I 'got' the beautiful door, and the look on their faces when I tell them that I didn't buy it, I made it.

Find your inspiration, aspire to achieve it, and reach your full potential.
My 'barn door'
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