Bosisi Gives Back!

Bosisi Gives Back!

Bosisi Designs Gives Back to Underserved Women in South Africa


It feels SO good to be able to give back. That feeling deep down inside that makes you happy and fulfilled, with a smile on your face.


Growing up I was usually the one that noticed the kid that was on the side wishing to be included and bring them into the fold. Not that I was Miss Popular but I felt strongly about making people feel comfortable. Back then I had no idea what that was or why I did it.

I just knew in my heart and head that I wanted to be that person that allayed someone else's anxiety, which is rather ironic since I also felt anxiety myself. But to give made me content.

Empathy Counts

Throughout my life, career and relationships it gave me the confidence to lift others because somehow the light was on that person and not me. I am what you call an empath (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). It's a blessing and a curse.


Ok not a curse really but maybe a bit weird. For example, if I'm watching a show, I take on the stress of whatever the characters are going through and build up so much anxiety that I have to change the channel.

I know, it has absolutely nothing to do with, or about me, but I can't help it. It's hard to watch a person struggle without being able to lend a hand.


During the last 20 months of the Covid-19 pandemic I often worried about how people were able to cope. Students feeling isolated and shut out from what makes being a student happy - being with their friends and making memories.


The elderly losing the human connection and compassion needed later in life. Career-minded women and men straining under the pressure of balancing work and family, Zoom meetings and Zoom classes for their kids.

High school seniors missing out on the rites of passage like prom, graduation, football games and cheering on their friends. And, tiny house owners who may be feeling like they bit off more (less?) than they could chew, spending way more time living tiny than they planned!

Seamstresses during the Pandemic

But in addition to worrying about everyone here, I also worried about our seamstresses in South Africa.


Without work they may not be able to survive, feed their families, or assist kids with schoolwork without the internet. When I spoke with Vuyo, our Bosisi Collaborator and Fashion Designer in her own right, she told me that they had begun to sew face coverings and that was helping our seamstresses to continue to work and get income.

What a big relief to hear that, but I knew it was very challenging and even commuting to the facility via local transportation was sketchy during the lockdowns in South Africa. Our Bosisi sales were struggling but I wasn't going to give up on getting the word out about our brand and mission of supporting women.

Bosisi Mission

Our mission is to give back to our seamstresses. And now is the time to do just that. For every bag sold Bosisi gives a percentage back directly to the seamstresses who made them. Earning a wage plus a percentage of sales is a win-win! 2020 was a roller coaster of a year but we did sell lots of reusable Shopper bags, rugged leather handbags, face coverings and more! It was time to give back to our hardworking women (and men).


So I reached out to Vuyo and asked her to gather everyone together (socially distant and masked up, of course) so we could show them how much we appreciated their skilled and prideful work. The sad part was that I couldn't be there to do it in person. How could I see their smiles and hear their voices when they got their extra payment?

The solution was to get it on video. I was able to "be there" even though I was still in the US - that was amazing and so fantastic for me because this is what Bosisi is all about and we were making it happen. Ok, ok, I know this bonus payment wasn't like winning the lottery or anything. It isn't going to solve all of their money burdens,

BUT it IS something and every little bit helps, right?!

So, without further adieu, I'm sharing the 2-minute video with you so you can also participate in the great feeling of giving and supporting and surviving! I'd love to know what you think of the video and our mission.


Video: Bosisi Gives Back to Seamstresses

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Until next time, stay strong, be kind and help one another.

In humble gratitude,
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