Bosisi Designs Masks Are Here

Bosisi Designs Masks Are Here

New Masks from Bosisi Designs have arrived.

The new season is bringing new products to We are so excited to share with you a brand new line of masks so you can go out and social distance in style.

Masks are where it's at right now and we are finally able to share some beautiful African print shweshwe cotton fabric triple layer masks for you to show off your style and grace. 

Comfortable on Your Face

Comfy cotton and gentle elastic will allow you to breathe easily and smile knowing you are protecting yourself and others with your new mask. It covers your nose and mouth but doesn't take up your entire face so it feels better while you wear it.

Wearing a Mask Can Save Your Life

If you want to stay safe and keep your own health in check then wearing a mask is easy and will protect you from catching any COVID-19 droplets in your nose and mouth. Sometimes wearing a mask can be annoying, like when it's hot out and you're sweating. But it's a small price to pay to protect yourself. It's like if you break a bone and need to wear a cast. It can be annoying and uncomfortable but you do it to protect your bones and allow them to heal.



Back to School

My two boys are going back to school now. Well one went back to University a few weeks ago and thankfully his school is doing a lot of regular testing and have put in place strict rules to try to maintain safety for students, faculty and staff. Although I don't agree with everything, I am quite impressed actually with their resolve. For my son, he's willing to follow the rules so that he can remain on campus this semester unlike some other institutions that quickly shut down because the students felt the need to party and spread the virus. I get it, really I do. It sucks to be young and unable to be social. We all need some human interaction, some laughs and activities. Being home for the past six months has been mental ping pong and we're all ready to move on to our 'normal' routines.

 If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Since we all need to wear protection over our faces, we might as well look good doing it! Bosisi Designs has been working with our seamstresses in South Africa to create comfortable masks made with beautiful shweshwe fabric. The masks are easy on your ears and don't overwhelm your entire face. Join us and check out our five color options. 

Stay Healthy

We know you are doing your best and trying hard to do the right thing for yourself, your family and those around you. Bosisi Designs wants to support your efforts and provide a beautiful option for you mask needs.

In addition to looking good and staying safe, your purchase directly helps underserved women with your purchase. Our seamstresses in South Africa work hard to earn a decent wage by sewing our products. A portion of our profits goes directly to them so they can lift themselves out of poverty. We all thank you for purchasing Bosisi products.


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I was looking for masks and checked out Bosisi first. Loving the story of women’s empowerment, I decided to buy four of them, each in a different yet vibrant colorway. They fit beautifully and the workmanship is stellar – no need for the metal strip that bridges one’s nose – they just fit! Please support your health safety with these wonderful masks. My daughter-in-law gave me a Bosisi leather shopping bag for Mother’s Day which I love. I am beyond pleased with these products and you will be too.

Eileen S Adler
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