Best Machine Washable, Insulated Lunch Tote!

Best Machine Washable, Insulated Lunch Tote!

I feel like when the new school year starts (even though my boys are in college now!) it’s a time to get back into routine and get organized. I’ve been doing a LOT of organizing these days and that goes for what I use for my lunch box and when I don’t need a big bag to lug around with me.

I absolutely LOVE our lunch totes because they’re ready for everything you need for lunch, snacks, drinks for any occasion. Think: snacks for the games you’ll be going to every weekend, or to dance and gymnastics trainings, after school, after class, and everything in between!

The lunch totes are better than your average lunch box, or reusable bag because it’s completely machine washable!! YES! I said that right - it’s insulated AND machine washable!!!!

We all know that when we bring food in any type of container it gets absolutely gross. Even the best of us can try to wipe the inside of a lunch box or lunch bag and there’s still always that bit that you just can’t clean. But with a Bosisi Lunch Tote you can toss it in the washing machine and it will come out clean as a whistle. (But don’t put it in the dryer because that will affect the insulated material).

So get the best quality, handmade Lunch Tote that will last with a Bosisi machine washable, insulated Lunch Tote ❤️❤️❤️
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