BEST Gifts Under $100

BEST Gifts Under $100

Holiday 2020 Affordable Gifts Under $100

What are you doing this holiday season? It may be a different gift-giving situation this year but it can still be fun and affordable!


Many people are turning toward gifts that give back and help others. It's a fabulous way to feel good about giving gifts to family and friends that you care about and who care about helping other people. And you will feel good while you carry your beautiful gift.


And to add more good news, why don't you choose a gift that also helps reduce single-use plastic from our oceans and landfills? That's a win-win-win! Did you know that... 


That's from @PlasticOceans who are educating us on what we can do to reduce plastic use in our lives. Let's all do our part for future generations.


Getting back to the Holidays, let's keep things happy :) We all love when we see our loved ones opening up the gift we gave them and seeing the smiles and joy on their faces. You get that warm feeling inside and can't help but smile along with them. This year that's even more important because you may not be able to be there in person but you can always be there on a Zoom call! 


Whether you will be celebrating Kwanzaa, Hannukkah, Diwali or Christmas, gift-giving is a way to show how much you love and care about people. The simple act of giving can brighten up this holiday season and bring people together even if you're social distancing, wearing masks or Zooming. It doesn't matter how you experience the festivities, giving is the most rewarding of all!

With a lot of crazy, sad and disturbing events happening in this crazy year more people are turning to affordable gifts that mean something. A gift that doesn't break the bank AND gives back to those who are the most vulnerable. We are all hurting, confused and unsure of what's to come but the holidays will be here soon and it will be a welcome distraction even if it's different than years past.

Here are some great affordable gifts under $100 that are beautiful, meaningful, ethical and eco-friendly. Choose from several colorful options and have some fun!


Shopper Bag Tote ($40):

cute reusable, machine washable, cotton 



Believe it or not, this shopping bag is HUGE! All you need is one or two of these for your groceries and it will be done. But it's not just for going to the market. No. It's a great and chic way to carry nearly all of your other shopping needs. Most retailers have removed single-use plastic bags from their stores so if you are buying toys, electronics, clothes, shoes, or most anything else, you will maybe get a paper bag or nothing at all. And we all know that you can't go shopping for gifts without something to hold them all easily! There is even a handy inside zip pocket to hold your phone and wallet and a key ring to keep your keys easy to find when you're ready to go back to your car with all of your shopping done!

Face Masks ($12 ea or 3 for $30):

Cotton, Comfy, Reusable, Machine Washable 

 Masks save lives. Wearing a mask is easy and the least we can do to prevent the spread of the Covid virus. There are a lot of masks out there but we hope you include reusable masks so that we don't add to the landfills. Our masks are better than most because they are comfortable to wear, allow you to breathe easily and don't slip down your face. It's super annoying to always readjust your mask when you're talking because it slips down your face every time you try to speak. That won't happen with our masks. And the colors are beautiful and fun to-boot!


Zip Pouch ($18 each or 3 for $48):

Great for keeping your hand-sanitizer, mask (when you're not wearing it) and other small items 


These stunners are your go-to for keeping your health-friendly items all neatly together. Keep your mask, hand sanitizer, lip balm, credit cards all together in one place so you don't lose them (I mean not you, but you know, those other unorganized people!). The handy-dandy wristlet can easily clip into your Shopper bag tote too so you can quickly locate it when you're on the go. Four beautiful color options to choose from. 

Holiday Bundle ($63):

Includes Shopper Bag Tote, Cotton Mask, Zip Pouch 


Save 10% if you buy the bundle that includes all three items: the Shopper, the Mask and the Pouch! What a deal! This is a stunner of a gift that will add that WOW factor you're looking for. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving, this one is sure to please. Everything is machine washable and will be your go-to for when you need to leave the house. Mask... check. Pouch with hand sanitizer (not included)... check and check. Reusable cotton tote.... check, check and check.


So, you're probably asking what I mean about giving back? Who are we giving back to? Well, Bosisi Designs is a company with a mission to give back to underserved women in South Africa who just need an opportunity to work and lift themselves out of poverty. Learn more here.

We sincerely hope that you have a wonderful Holiday and that you and your family and friends are safe and healthy. This is a time to pull together and do our best to be kind, supportive and intentional about doing good for others. 

Be Well!

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