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No more plastic bags. Single use plastics are avoidable and it's much easier than ever now to find alternatives. 


Take for example the plastic grocery bag. We see them stuck in trees or blowing around in urban areas. But the real harm comes when they block sewer pipes or get stuck in waterways preventing water to reach wetlands. They float in streams and make their way to the sea where they get into the bellies of our ocean animals, killing them.

We've all read stories and have seen clips of these horrible examples. So what does that mean for us? We don't think about that when we're in line at the local supermarket checkout, loading up our snacks, drinks and veggies. We lug the bags into the house and put away the food. Sometimes we store the plastic bags under the sink for future use. But many times we just toss them in the garbage and they 'go away.' But do they?




Alternative Solutions to Single-Use Plastics

2020 has been a real downer of a year with a lot of s@*t coming down hard on us making us stop and re-evaluate our lives and our stuff. Now I'm not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't do. Nope, not gonna do it. Instead let's look at some solutions and some optimism to cut through all the negativity.


One fantastic alternative to those harmful single-use plastic bags is a fashionable, reusable, cotton, sturdy, durable, washable solution.... (drumroll please!).... yes, a Bosisi Designs Shopper bag tote!!!! There, I said it. Whew that felt good to get off my chest! ;)



As founder of Bosisi Designs, a company with a mission to help underserved women in South Africa gain financial stability, we have another mission: to reduce single use plastic bags by offering a reusable, machine washable and dryable extra large and very durable bag. Our community who loves their Bosisi Shopper Bags use them for hauling lots of groceries but also keep them in the car for when they go to other stores who are also cutting out the plastic bags. 


The Future is Bright

Now I know you may be saying, well I don't really shop in stores these days because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, for that I commend you. Stay home and stay safe! If you must go out you must wear a mask (more about that later!). The good news is that someday you WILL be able to go out again to shop in your favorite retailers and see friends and go to restaurants. I know that seems far away right now but some day it will be back and you must be ready!

Being ethical is at the core of Bosisi Designs, too. We believe that being transparent and clear about how our bags are made and the amazing women who sew them. This is truly a company that strives to give women who otherwise have many challenges to finding paid work (as opposed to working at home cooking, cleaning and taking care of others) an opportunity to work and help lift themselves out of poverty. Ethics matter. Creating a safe and caring working environment means that lives are better and this can change the cycle of poverty for future generations. Sounds like a big deal, and it is! 


Great Reviews


So how awesome are our ethical, eco-friendly Shopper Bag Totes? Here's what our lovely customers have said about our Shopper bags...

Jill - "I thought they would be like the normal size shopping bags, but they are really large. I can put a whole shopping spree of items in this bag and still not have it overloaded. Love it!!!"

Caryn - "This bag is so nice, sturdy, and large enough for not only shopping but I used it as a great carry-on on a recent flight. It would also be a great beach bag and an overnight bag. I plan on buying this as my go-to for gifts for friends and family. Love love love it!" 

Julia - "Great for shopping OR packing for a day away. So sturdy....AND beautiful too."

Cristina - "It is a really wonderful bag, practical and modern in the same time!

Mona - "Love the clip for keys and cards. And it’s big but not too big to carry."




Do Your Part


There are other types of reusable bags out there and by all means please use them. Any reduction of these plastic killers is welcomed. The advantage to our cotton bags is that when they get dirty, wet, soiled or just gross you can toss them in the machine and wash them with anything else you need to wash. Then they go right into the dryer too. Easy, simple, clean, reusable. 


Here's another advantage. Bosisi bags use South Africa cotton fabric called shweshwe (pronounced shway-shway) and come in gorgeous bold colorful patterns. You will be the envy of all of your friends, neighbors and fellow shoppers. The beauty, uniqueness and fun vibe will lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face (mask).


Cotton Face Masks


Speaking of face masks.... we also carry comfortable cotton face masks made with the same beautiful shweshwe fabric. Our face masks don't fall down your face as you talk and fit so easily on your face. Triple layered for safety yet very breathable these masks are the best because you can also machine wash and dry them (along with your Shopper bag). Our customers just love them. 


Do yourself and the earth a good deed and reduce your single-use plastic waste. Pass this along to others that may need a nudge.


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