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Best Affordable Gifts for Her: Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt


Best Affordable Gifts 2020

It's getting to be 'that' time of year again - time to start making that list and checking it twice. How is it already October? The last weeks and months of 2020 have been scary, uncertain and chaotic. The economy is on a roller-coaster, jobs are scarce, unemployment is higher than ever and the thought of holiday shopping seems unfair this year. We are all tightening our financial belts and the holidays will most likely look quite different this year. But we can still find joy in seeing our family and friends this Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and other celebrated days approaching.

What will you be doing differently this year? Maybe there won't be as many decorations this year? Outdoor lights (and therefore electric bills) may be dimmer. All of the parties will certainly be cancelled. Rather than get down about what we cannot do, let's see how we can turn that frown upside down and make this a meaningful time to celebrate the holidays.

2020 Has NOT Been Easy But We Have Achieved a LOT!

First let's write a list of what is going well, what we have achieved that we never imagined could be done, new and different solutions to problems that may have dogged us for years!

Raise your hand if you are working from home. That once taboo subject is unavoidable these days. The idea that working from home was a way to maybe skip work has gone out the window. We have figured out a way to use technology to allow many of us to get sh*t done. The urgency for need-based solutions skyrocketed to figuring it out NOW and not dragging on for months or even years. An example of this is tele-health or tele-medecine. This new way to schedule and have your doctor appointment was just starting to be talked about but was thrust into the here-and-now almost immediately when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us and in-person visits was essentially outlawed. What a revelation that you don't have to take a car, bus, train, subway and pay to park and wait in a waiting room to ask about your health issue. Imagine how much that will help the elderly, infirm or workers in terms of time and money? I love this aspect, although I am also heart-broken for all the loved ones who have suffered this horrible disease and their families that must manage their grief and lack of closure at potentially not being present when that loved one was passing. That is and should always be the priority in any situation - human health and wellness is prioritized above all else.

Is it Really Time to Decorate?

So what do we do now? now that we see a mishmash of decorations in the big box stores and local retailers with Thanksgiving and Christmas displayed and hitting us in the face? I feel as though maybe celebrating this terrible year is wrong. There has been so much chaos, Covid fatalities and uncertainty that gearing up for the festivities is the opposite of what we should do. But then I remember that you can celebrate in a more compassionate way, a more humane way where you are giving from the heart and also giving back to those in need.

Women Deserve Support and Love

Women globally earn less than men. This is a fact. In South Africa 38% of households are headed by women. That is a large piece of the population that relies on women to support their families. However the work that women can do is largely unpaid work such as taking care of children, family chose, maintaining the household, preparing meals and so on. If a woman can get an opportunity to work and earn a fair wage then she and her family have hope to live better lives. One opportunity can have a lasting effect on families and communities. 

Our Seamstresses Deserve an Opportunity

Each Bosisi bag is handmade by an underserved woman living in poverty in South Africa. She learns proper sewing techniques and creates bags that will last a very long time. She is working for a living and sustaining herself and her family, able to hold her head high.

Currently there are seven seamstresses and two male sewers who make all of our bags. And the number of women we hire is growing! That is our goal. To hire and to give back to a group of people who deserve a fighting chance.


We Empower Women One Bag at a Time

The point is that YOU are doing good by gifting a Bosisi bag to a WOMAN you LOVE! Feel good about buying a Bosisi bag because you are directly helping give underserved women an opportunity to work.

The Shopper bag tote is an oversized reusable, machine washable and dryable cotton cloth bag that is great for so many things, in addition to carrying groceries. It can be used as a diaper bag for those moms that always need to carry spare clothes, diapers, snacks, etc. Or for the working mom that must bring her workout clothes so she can get some exercise in before dinner. Your sister who is stylish but wants ethically made bags. Or your daughter that wants a gorgeous bag because she always wants to look great.

Ethically Made Products

Bosisi bags are ethically made, durable, stunning, colorful and unique. Give a gift that gives back. Go to and see all available styles and colors. 


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Добрый день!

В материалах данного поста мы хотели бы ознакомить вас с интернет площадкой Промокод вавада официальный сайт. vavada представляет собой новое лицо игровой индустрии с высокой доходностью.

Площадка была создана в 2016 году. С того времени компания радует своих пользователей простым дизайном и крупными выигрышами.

Для новичков площадка vavada приготовила множество бонусов, с которыми игра покажется сплошным удовольствием!

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Для любителей спорта вавада официальный сайт разработало свою букмекерскую контору, которая прекрасно вписывается в общий функционал казино. Для ввода и вывода денег в казино доступно широкое разнообразие платежных систем, что позволит буквально каждому игроку попробовать своих силы в флагмане игровой индустрии. Минимальная сумма вывода всего 15$.

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Ищешь где занять денег, но все банки отказывают? Тогда микрозаймы – то место, которое ты ищешь.
Мы расскажем как быстро занять денег онлайн под низкие проценты, как не попасться на удочки мошейников и при этом сэкономить.
Переходи на сайт, и учись занимать онлайн с выгодой!


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