Bosisi Women

Bosisi Women

Bosisi women are STRONG. They are BEAUTIFUL. And they are BOLD. Who are WE? We are women who support other women. 

Let's take it back to why this mission-driven company was founded. Did you know that the international poverty line is $1.90 per person, per day. Just imagine that for a second. It's crazy to think that someone can even exist on that amount of money no matter what country you live in. 

In sub-saharan Africa it is real. Poverty is a daily reality. I witnessed it with my own eyes while we lived in Johannesburg, South Africa from 2017-2019 and I made myself a promise that I would help women however I could. Of course I had absolutely no idea what that meant or how I could do it. But there was no question that I would take steps towards that mission.

As a creative person who is always looking to make something with my hands, I fell in love with sewing the South African fabric called shweshwe. The bold and bright colors just make me happy. I began to sew different pouches and bags and loved this creative outlet. Then I found my signature pattern and began sewing and selling to my friends. Then I met some amazing women who owned their own fashion businesses and asked them if they wanted to help to sew the Bosisi bags with the intention to hire more women and give them the opportunity to earn money. And Bosisi Designs was born!

Now I am launching the brand online and want to invite you to come check out these amazing women and the gorgeous, yet durable Bosisi bags. When you purchase a Bosisi bag you are directly helping underserved South African women to take care of themselves and their families. YOU are making a difference in women's lives.

YOU are a Bosisi woman too! Wear your handmade bag proudly. Tell your friends about us. Share our message and we will all benefit. Oh and you'll look stunning and turn heads too - a win-win ;)



Founder, Bosisi Designs

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